Grab Your Class Pass 

Saturday, Nov. 4th at The Valentine 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


We are trying something new at Saturday’s Class Pass Day at The Valentine in downtown Richmond. The morning will start at 10 a.m. under a tent on charming Clay Street, where we’ll gather to hear keynoter Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune— most recently featured on “The Mind of a Chef.” This James Beard award-winning chef and writer will be interviewed, take questions and sign books. Sip on some Blade and Bow while you wait! With your pass, you’ll then get to select from 12 talks and cooking classes held throughout the day, in three tracks: Fire, Flour and Fork, as well as sample from purveyors located in the garden.



9:30 am 

You will choose your classes after you purchase your tickets. We'll refresh your memory at registration! 



Gabrielle Hamilton kick-off talk

10:00 am 

This talk is for everyone who buys a class pass!  This James Beard award-winning chef and writer will be interviewed by Kerry Diamond of Cherry Bombe, take questions and sign books. 



Concurrent Sessions

11:30 am - 4:00pm

Fire, Flour & Fork wouldn't be possible without our Class Pass sponsors-- Fire: Wolf Gourmet, Flour: Hayden Mills & Fork (and Steak Knife): Virginia Beef Council. They'll help us cook up a dozen engaging (and edible) sessions. We'll be adding more details soon. Timing is tentative.


11:30 am

Fire Track – Session One: Wolf Gourmet chefs Michael Stotler and Pat Schweitzer whips up soups, sandwiches and a lemon cheesecake using the Wolf Gourmet tabletop appliance line.


Flour Track – Session One:  
Legendary chef Zarela Martinez puts corn in the center of the plate.


Fork (& Steak Knife)Track – Session One: 
We'll extract the 130 year old C.F. Sauer story with the help of pastry chef Olivia Wilson of Brenner Pass and Chairlift. 

12:45 pm

Fire Track – Session Two: Cherry Bombe's Kerry Diamond talks mag, new cookbook and women in food with Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, Joy Crump and Jessica Wilson.

Flour Track – Session Two:  
Yeshi Demisse of Nile brings her knowledge of Ethiopian spices to the table along with the ins and outs of injerra.

Fork (& Steak Knife) Track – Session Two: We'll pair Duvel's internationally-styled beers with cheeses and charcuterie with tips on making the perfect match.

2:00 pm

Fire Track – Session Three:  
Belle Isle Moonshine and spirits experts go beyond the bar in their quest for new flavors. 


Flour Track – Session Three:  
Hayden Mills digs into how heritage grains hand cultivated translates into tradition and flavor.

Fork (& Steak Knife)Track – Session Three: Virginia Beef Council presents chef Chris Tostenson demoing flank steak tacos and a beef banh mi!

3:15 pm

Fire Track – Session Four:  Gearhart's Chocolates and Blanchard's Coffee discuss the across continents journey from bean to bar and bag. 

Flour Track – Session Four:
Evin Dogu of Sub Rosa, a James Beard nominated Best Baker, demonstrates her grandmother's (and her own) way with pogaca.

Fork (& Steak Knife) Track – Session Four:  A butcher, a scientist, a chef and a farmer walk into a room to talk sustainable beef producing.



Tickets tend to sell out, grab your spot!